Why age makes a difference.

Age is the best indicator of cup size.

When you’re younger and first start having periods, your pelvic floor muscles – the handy muscles that hold your DivaCup in place – are in pretty good A+ shape.

But, as we get older, our hips naturally widen, (hello curves), and the pelvic floor muscles become a little looser.

When this happens, it means you’ll need a bigger DivaCup (with a wider rim) to ensure you get a snug fit and a leak-free seal.

We have three sizes based on age:

Model 0 for 19 years and younger.
It’s our smallest cup, designed for those youthful, strong pelvic floor muscles.

Model 1, ages 19-30.

Model 2, age 30+, for heavy flows.
Our largest cup.

The ages are more of a guide than a hard and fast rule.

You may hit 30 and find your Model 1 cup continues to work just fine for another year before you need to go up a size to Model 2.

You’ll know it’s time when the cup feels like it’s slipping, or you have difficulty getting a good seal.

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